Plimmer Hearing Services

Plimmer Hearing Centres offer a wide array of hearing-based services.  Upon arranging and/or being referred for a Hearing/Hearing Aid evaluation, there are a number of important steps that need to take place in order to ensure a satisfying customer service experience.   

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Making an Appointment

By making an appointment to seek help, you've accomplished the most important and maybe most difficult step on your way to better hearing!

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We need to know your thoughts and feelings about your hearing. How it affects you and those around you. Also your expectations about possible solutions.

hearing exam


We will perform a thorough examination of your ears for any physical condition that might be cause for further medical evaluation.

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Based on the physical examination we will likely perform a variety of hearing tests.  Your response to tones, words and other stimuli will help us to quantify your range of hearing.

Customized Hearing Protection


After a detailed explanation of examination and test results, we'll recommend the most appropriate course of action and rehabilitation process.
Hearing Instrument Specialists


Should our recommendation include hearing instruments, we will proceed with the fitting process by making impressions of your ears in order to customize hearing instruments or ear molds.
***We encourage your questions, please feel free to ask them at anytime throughout the process.*****

hearing tests Mississauga


All hearing instruments come with a minimum of 3 years warranty.

* Special offers and promotions can increase the warranty time period for certain and specific products.
** Some Conditions may apply.